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Providing emotional healing to help people move forward in their lives 

About Kate Messenger

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Hi I’m Kate...

"I have always believed in a higher power or greater source of energy, and the importance of humanity’s’ connection to the energy and cycles of nature, the land, ocean and greater universe. I have always felt that our alignment with those cycles and to each other is what connects us with our natural selves for our health and wellbeing.”


“In exploring my spirituality I am able to embrace who I am meant to be and not who I had learned to be. I realised I wanted to help people beyond the limitations of psychology and the corporate world, and to help people to heal holistically, recognising the significance of inner knowledge, emotions and feelings.”



‘Healing to help you move forward in your life.’

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'Information brought forward from spirit to provide personal insight and growth.

‘A powerful and ancient form of emotional energy healing.’

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'Finding harmony through the values you live.

'Physical healing to relieve pain and increase energy flow.’

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