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Values Coaching
Personal Harmony 

‘Finding harmony through the values you live.’

Personal Harmony Coaching works to foster a sense of harmony within a person, and also harmony with the larger world/environment they operate in from a values perspective. Utilising a values-based assessment tool the process commences with Level 1 and/or 2 Personal Harmony Questionnaires, with follow-up debrief/coaching sessions designed to provide insight, growth, and development.

Level 1 questionnaire results show your present level of Personal Harmony by measuring 11 core values:




Ego development

Ability to deal with fear




Confronting negative patterns


Sharing energy

Level 2 questionnaire results show your present level of Harmony With Your Environment by measuring another 11 values:​



Being expressive


Honest effective communication





Concern for your environment

Need for deeper meaning  

The results provide deep insights to the core values that you live by, revealing a true picture of who you are, not just what you choose to reveal or how you wish to be seen, uncovering your deepest motivations, and your potential for personal growth and professional development.

The Personal Harmony questionnaire and coaching journey explores how you can change and improve how you feel, how you do your work and how you can operate at a higher level living your life based upon your values in a more purposeful and meaningful way. 

$230 - package includes Level 1 Personal Harmony Questionnaire and Report plus 1 hour debrief/coaching session.​

Further coaching sessions can be purchased if desired.

$350 - package includes Level 1 & 2 Personal Harmony Report plus 2 x 1 hour debrief/coaching sessions.

Further coaching sessions can be purchased if desired.





Personal Harmony Group Program

Have a work team or a group of like-minded people?

I also offer a Personal Harmony Group Program where you can explore and discover personal harmony through our values-led 2 or 4 day programs.

Find out more by contacting Kate directly for a further discussion.

Call 0400 187 155 to book an appointment

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