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Spiritual Counselling

‘Healing to help you move forward in your life.’

Spiritual counselling assists you to navigate and overcome the difficulties and obstacles you encounter by exploring the patterns and circumstances within your life. It enables you to identify the real cause of the difficulties, where and how it began, and why it currently affects you.


Through Spiritual Counselling you will learn why you feel, think or behave a particular way. It helps you to identify your personal values and to resolve difficulties and overcome obstacles by making decisions and taking actions that are aligned to those values. This understanding can provide clarity and self-awareness that will enable you change patterns, recognise personal management strategies and focus on the future.


Designed to act quickly and establish change, spiritual counselling is honest, direct, supportive and empathetic to enable you to heal and discover a greater level of understanding and acceptance of who you are and what is required to improve your life, so you can move forward and experience more joy, fulfilment and love.


Individual sessions are for 1 hour - $110

Call 0400 187 155 to book an appointment

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