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Hahnemann Healing

‘A powerful and ancient form of emotional energy healing.’

Emotions can be stored within the body and often present themselves as a physical illness or symptom, or they can create adverse emotional blockages that make it difficult for people to move forward. These emotions are the result of negative thoughts and feelings towards circumstances or events that have happened in a person’s life. Hahnemann Healing is a powerful and ancient form of emotional energy healing that provides a physical and emotional release from this.

​It is a gentle form of energetic healing using only light fingertip touch to send a strong energy through the central nervous system via specific points on the body to release emotion from where it is being held. Each Hahnemann Healing session starts with a discussion to determine which emotions to focus on and release from the body through corresponding points.  The experience is deeply relaxing and gentle with the full benefit being felt during the session and/or in the following days.

Hahnemann healing can be used on its own or in conjunction with spiritual counselling to effect the experience of a diverse range of emotional states, including to:

Increase energy

Increase self-belief

Reduce the effects of past hurts and emotional trauma

Reduce feelings of sadness, anger, grief and loss

Help ease feelings of anxiety and depression

Provide clarity and harmony

Increase healing from physical injury after illness or injury

Increase feelings of upliftment and joy


Sessions are for 1 hour - $90

Call 0400 187 155 to book an appointment

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